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What's New?

We just returned from the Vacuum Dealer Trade Association Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina.  This year’s convention was filled with excitement as we learned of new products to help you keep your home and belongings cleaner with less toxins.  We are constantly on the lookout for products to make your environment healthier for you and your families.  Learning from other dealers is always a plus as we spent time attending classes to hear what is happening in other parts of the country and about new products being offered by other dealers.  It’s always reassuring when a dealer will share with us about product lines their customers are enjoying.

We will be introducing new product lines to make cleaning easier with less effort.  We will also be including products made from natural resources like lambs wool to help keep your home dust free even in those hard to reach places.  You will also be excited to hear that we have found an amazing stain fighter that will even remove ink.  We were able to find a polishing cloth for all your fine metals that makes them look like new with very little effort.

Our goal for this year is to provide you with more options and education on the products we provide for you.  Plans are in the works for giving you more space for trying out these products while you are in the store so that you will know what you are taking home and how to get the most benefit from the things you choose to purchase.

Another addition that will be exciting to many of you is a new formula in our Unique Cleaners that specially addresses odors for dogs and odors for cats.  These cleaners are especially formulated to each animal’s unique chemistry and do not contain dangerous toxins.

We would love to know what type surfaces you are needing help with cleaning.  Do you have hard surface flooring, carpet or a mixture of both?  We also want to help with tile grout, on the floor and in the shower and now we have a cleaning solution for each.

If you have any special cleaning challenges, we would love to hear about them and help you find healthy solutions that will save you time, energy and money. You can communicate any special needs with us here, on Facebook or just give us a call.  We would love to hear from you!